Hi Morgana,

It was brought to our attention that you had difficulty with the Sinister Slaughters game and, rather than come to me (Blogger Manager) as your point of contact at MadPea and ask questions, you published a blog post that was critical of the game.

You were asked to play Sinister Slaughters (optionally) and to blog your experience, but this was not an invitation to critique the game publicly. The relationship between MadPea and you was one of sponsor and blogger. As your sponsor, we would have appreciated you coming to me to discuss the difficulties you had with the game, and not airing them on your blog. Had you come to me, I would have happily given you a hint, or been happy to take your critical feedback to our team as we do pay attention to all feedback and are generally grateful to receive input. But, it does not look good that you as one of our bloggers chose to go the route you did.

Given this, we have to let you go as a MadPea blogger, because we can't trust that you will:
a) have MadPea's best interests at heart as your sponsor
b) communicate with me openly as blogger-to-Blogger Manager
c) refrain from publicly airing grievance with MadPea or MadPea products instead of speaking to me privately about it

I wish you the best in your other blogging endeavors.

Chuisle Alecto
Marketing and Blogger Manager, MadPea Productions