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Discussion: Chemtrails, Persistent Contrails, LVAP

I agree with Russ Tanner that the engine fuel does not significantly contribute to what we see as classic "chemtrails" in > 99% of cases but the bypass duct on the 747 may be only one of many more ways nozzles are used to spray various mixtures that are not always the same formula.  There are always experiments and covert deployments that make up the 1% of true engine emissions involving fuel combustion.

Too many videos and observations reveal obvious spraying and interruptions of trails that cannot be attributed to aviation fuel or combustion. Trails are even created by leaks of aerosols from the cargo bay with the result of 3 trails from a 2-engine jet.

But we can talk about chemtrails and turbofans all day while ignoring the the bigger aerosol operation

Non-Chemtrail aerosol deployments are what too many activists are missing. 

Identified in 2012 as "CHEM-BOMBS", we now see an increase in aerosols released from aircraft (and possibly maritime artillery) that have nothing to do with engine emissions or nozzles that create "fake" engine emissions.

Satellite shows LVAP are largely deployed at night or over oceans where they avoid detection then allowed to drift over land where they trap heat. This artificial cloud cover is deceivingly referred to as SRM, but could be more correctly described as a Climate Warming operation under the heading of Climate Engineering.

CHEM-BOMBS or "LVAP" (Large Volume Aerosol Plumes) as I call them --  are easily seen on satellite image and could be responsible for more "tonnage" or "volume" of chemical deployment than chemtrails.


LVAP = "Large Volume Aerosol Plumes" first noticed on 12/1/2015 are adding many tons of aerosol pollution releases into the troposphere in addition to decades of chemical contrails released by jet aircraft

Florida Climate Engineering via LVAP Captured by Satellite and Ground Observer

Black Chemtrails – Multiple Video Collection

EPIC VIDEO: 3 Chemtrails Tankers Filmed From Above | Air-To-Air



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Can't it be both/and, not either/or?

Russ Tanner 1:06pm Mar 4
Chemtrails are not caused by jet fuel additives. The EPA is spreading this propaganda to disinform the public into believing the "jet fuel additive" lie. The documentary film called "overcast" is also being used to thrust this same propaganda onto the public. Chemtrails are being pumped into bypass air using intentionally-installed tanks and pumps and it is being emitted from primarily unmarked white and silver jets. The spraying is absolutely intentional along with the destruction it causes. This intentional aerosol injection program is not benign and certainly not beneficial for anything or any life. It benefits only those who profit from disease and death. Do not drink the EPA koolaid that claims that jet trails have anything to do with jet fuel additives. It is a lie. It is propaganda for "public consumption". Do not be deceived. http://globalskywatch.com/chemtrails/ubbthreads.php?ubb=showflat&Number=17693#Post17693


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