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Cynthia McKinney Radio Show Taken Off the Air During Black History Month


The Raw Deal - 2-28-2017, Host Jim Fetzer:  Fans Protest new management at  KPFK as "Racist" when Cynthia McKinney's Show "Cynthia's Midnight Oil" is cancelled during Black History Month! (Video)

Dr. McKinney requests that fans protest the decision and request that her show be re-instated by emailing:

ED@Pacifica.org with a CC to Cynthia at HQ2600@Gmail.com

Listen to informative "insider" background behind McKinney's firing in the 2/28/17 audio that reveals an attempt to undermine KPFK as a source of free speech.

Jim Fetzer Interviews Cynthia McKinney on 2-23-2017. Is it a coincidence that, McKinney's show at KPFK (Cynthias Midnight Oil) was taken off the air on the last day of Black History Month ? - 2/28/2017

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