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Are Zionists Behind Organizing Disruptive Town Hall Event With Rep., Ted Yoho in Gainesville, Fl?

Indivisible Guide

Meet the Jewish couple leading the Trump resistance - Ezra Levin and wife Leah Greenberg founded the anti-Trump group Indivisible with other former congressional staffers.

Leah Greenberg Twitter

Leah Greenberg is an Investments Manager with Humanity United, a philanthropic organization dedicated to promoting peace and ending human trafficking. At Humanity United, she coordinates the Partnership for Freedom, a public-private partnership with the federal government dedicated to promoting innovation to end human trafficking, and manages grants related to human trafficking.

Leaked Audio Busts Town Hall Disruption Plot Wide Open


Ezra Levin and wife Leah Greenberg

Ezra Levin and wife Leah Greenberg

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