PayDrill – Brand New PayPal Software UNCOVERS HIDDEN DATA From Inside Your Paypal Account

PayDrill is the ultimate Paypal software the reveals amazing metrics for your online business – tells you everything you need to know about your income, sales, customers, products and your latest 5000 transactions inside Paypal.


What Is PayDrill?

Do you use Paypal for your online business?

If yes, you must get notification emails every time you make a sale or earn a commission in your account.

And when you login to your account you see…

  • Your Account Balance
  • Your recent transactions and sales
  • Your Sent and Received payments

But… that’s just about it.

It’s a lot of data but not…INTELLIGENT DATA!

PayPal is great for sending and receiving payments, selling your products and services.

But the problem is, PayPal cannot tell you…

  • What is your average value per customer? (or lifetime value)
  • Or How many customers buy again from you? (repeat customers)
  • Do you know what TIME of day you get most of your sales?
  • How Frequently do you make sales from your online business?
  • Which countries do you get most sales from and where do you have the highest refunds?
  • What are your most profitable products and which ones are losers?

Companies like Amazon, Uber, Apple, Ebay, Netflix and many other Fortune 500 Companies USE THIS DATA to grow their business & take decisions.

Ankur Shukla & Vivek Nanda knew THIS WAS THE KEY to taking their business from $10,000 to $100,000 in income...

Because Every Number Matters. Every Customer, Sale & Transaction Counts.

Even a single TWEAK at the right place can add another $10,000 to your income, easily.

Simply knowing your average value per customer can tell you how much you are willing to spend to acquire them & how you can scale your business, get a BETTER ROI instantly.

Just like you, they have been using Paypal for YEARS and have been desperately waiting for these metrics to be added to their interface.

But that never happened.

So Ankur Shukla & Vivek Nanda decided to create something that would...

UNLOCK this data inside Paypal for us and give us MORE INSIGHTS…

They wanted Faster Access to all their transactions, sales and customers which would help in growing their business.

Introducing: PayDrill

PayDrill is the ultimate Paypal software the reveals amazing metrics for your online business – tells you everything you need to know about your income, sales, customers, products and your latest 5000 transactions inside Paypal.

It also works 10 TIMES FASTER than your regular Paypal interface giving you INSTANT search results for product, sales and customers.

With PayDrill, you’ll have access to super smart info, insider data that you’ll never see inside your Paypal account.


How Does PayDrill Work?

Special Features of PayDrill:

Their 4 Amazing Dashboards Make Your Life Easier

Summary Dashboard

Shows you intelligent metrics along with a 30,000 feet overview of your online business instantly.

Transactions Dashboard

Filter, Find and See details your latest 5000 transactions in under 1 second. Get instant access to customer info – never wait for results again. 

Sales Dashboard

See Beautiful Charts & Graphs of your Sales performance. See how your products are doing + get customer details for each sale.

Payments Dashboard

Keep track of your expenses and payments, find, search and sort your payments instantly. Graphs & charts show you everything.

Here's What You Get INSIDE Each of the 4 Amazing PayDrill Dashboards...


An Overview of Your Online Business

On this dashboard you’ll find key metrics about your business like...

  • Your Total Sales so far and your NET sales in your business.
  • Transaction Fees or any other fees you’ve paid for all the sales.
  • See Stats about your Refunds & Chargebacks instantly.

You’ll also see instantly everything important about your Products…

  • Your Bestselling Products & Services.
  • Your Least Performing Products
  • Revenue & Sales from Each Product
  • Total Products & How Many Get Sold…

Next, you’ll see KEY METRICS that can help you take things to the next level…

  • See how many total customers you have.
  • How many of them are REPEAT customers.
  • Your VALUE PER CUSTOMER (super important)
  • What time do most of your orders/sales come in (peak order time)
  • How often do you get sales/orders (order frequency)
  • Your Withdrawals & Payment Sent
  • Countries you do business with (where you sell the least & the most


Your 5000 Latest Transactions in 1-View, Easy to Find & Download

  • On This Dashboard You’ll See…
  • Detailed Analysis & Tracking of up to 5000 transactions.
  • See Transactions Today, This Month & Total transactions.
  • Filter Transactions, Multiple Parameters and Currencies
  • Dynamic Real Time Instant Search shows results immediately - no waiting
  • Instantly View Transaction Details next to each transaction
  • Hotlinks in Transaction Details make searching super easy.
  • Issue a Refund In 2-Clicks (no more tedious process)
  • Mark Order as Shipped & Print Shipping Labels in 1 Click
  • Just 1-CLICK to Download Paypal Transactions
  • View Related Transactions instantly (for refunds, disputes, chargebacks)
  • Filter Transactions and Download Custom Transactions Export


  • Complete View of Your Sales Shown With INTELLIGENCE
  • On This Dashboard You’ll…
  • Easily manage and track your PayPal sales
  • Real-time search & filters for all sales using the transaction status, date etc
  • The Trends Chart in the dashboard shows Sales trends over a period of time.
  • Highlights show sales, average revenue per sale, refunds etc.
  • View your Sales transactions in a neat grid, instantly view 200+ sales.
  • Filter & Search through sales data instantly, no waiting.
  • Instantly view details for each sale in the same view, no hopping around.
  • View Sale Details – name, quantity, amount, tax and total for every sale.
  • Related Transactions for every sale in case of refund/disputes/chargebacks.
  • Export PayPal sales, all or a part of it.
  • Generate Monthly Profit & Sales Report for sales through PayPal
  • Track total sales through PayPal
  • Download Sales report in CSV instantly, without waiting.
  • Freedom to do a lot of slicing & dicing with the data to analyze your sales.


Track your Expenses, Purchases & Subscriptions Easily

On This Dashboard You’ll See…

  • Track all your purchases & payments in one place.
  • Cancel subscriptions in 1-Click
  • Spot unauthorised transactions immediately.
  • Smart Trend Charts show you graph of your payments
  • Highlights give you intelligent info about your payments.
  • Immediately see All Details about a payment.
  • Filter & Sort payments in 1-CLICK
  • Dynamic Search lets you immediately find payments.
  • Monitor payments & file a dispute if the product/ service has not been received

PayDrill is Constantly Updated with New Features & They Listen to Their Customers...

  • 2017 Update - Brand New Summary Dashboard with 200% More Data & Metrics.
  • 2017 Update - View Customer Email Addresses by Default in Every Dashboard.
  • 2017 Update - See Account Balance in Multiple Currencies
  • 2017 Update - Add Tags for Identification and Faster Searching across Transactions.
  • 2017 Update - Instantly Download PDF Invoices for Every Sale that you make.
  • 2017 Update - Add Tracking Numbers for Ebay & Physical Product Sales.
  • 2017 Update - Support for 40 Timezones for Accurate Data Analytics and Reports.
  • 2017 Update - Auto Refresh All Dashboards with New Data Instantly.
  • 2017 Update - Floating Alerts & Notifications for New Transactions, Balance etc.
  • 2017 Update - Faster, more efficient Database Engine.
  • 2017 Update - Exciting new interface, metro layout and elegant design.
  • 2017 Update - OTA updates.

How It Works:

It takes less than 2 minutes to get started, once you download PayDrill, all you have to do is…

Step 1 – Activate PayDrill with your License Key…

Step 2 – Connect it to your Paypal account & download data.

Step 3 – You’re DONE – PayDrill is ready show a whole new world.

PayDrill uses a fully secure Paypal API to connect to your Paypal account and it downloads all your transaction history and data metrics to show you amazing data points about your online business that you’ll never see inside Paypal.

Next Step?

Just LAUNCH PAYDRILL from your computer and you’ll get access to many DASHBOARDS - each showing various important things about your business.

Who Should Use PayDrill?

It Doesn’t Matter What Business or Niche You Are in…

This Software Will Completely Change The Way You Look At Your Paypal Account… Forever.

This is perfect for Marketers, Product Creators, Affiliates or anyone who uses Paypal in their business…

Why Should You Get PayDrill Now?

Within WEEKS of Starting to Use PayDrill Here’s What Happened…

Their Income before using Paydrill for their business…

Their Income AFTER using the data they got from PayDrill…

PayDrill is 100% SECURE with Military Grade Encryption of all Your Data

  • PayDrill does NOT store any of your data on their servers. We don't need to do that.
  • All your transactions & data is stored directly ON YOUR COMPUTER.
  • All your data is encrypted with 256-bit encryption, military-grade security.
  • Unique Key used encrypt your data, only you can access it, no one else.
  • Fully DESKTOP based, all your data stays with you, forever.
  • PayDrill never asks & does NOT need your paypal login information to do anything.
  • FULLY Integrated with the official Paypal API to fetch data over Secure SSL - 100% Safe!

Great for Anyone using Paypal for Purchases…

  • Track your purchases & subscriptions instantly.
  • Get a great overview of your expenses with chart view.
  • Expense Trends and Graphs to show you how you’re spending.
  • Instantly VIEW all your payments going out of your account.
  • Dispute Transactions where product or service was not delivered.
  • Maintain a history of purchases and refunds by vendor.
  • Protect yourself from non-delivery. Instantly search for any payment & see if you got product you were promised or not.
  • See RELATED transactions to any payment or transaction.
  • Download All Your Payments in CSV in 1-Click
  • Download Your Order Details for every purchase you made.
  • Filter & Search across all payments to identify trends & details.

Here’s what some TOP VENDORS & AFFILIATES are saying about PayDrill…

This is Perfect for Vendors Selling via PayPal…

  • Instantly see Account Balance, Income & Sales Summary.
  • See Metrics like Average Customer Value, Repeat Customers, Peak Order Time & Order Frequency that Paypal does not show you.
  • Keep a Track of your Sales, Fees, Refunds & Chargebacks.
  • Track Product Sales, Performance, Revenue & Payments
  • Instantly See What Countries you do business with & what sells where the most.
  • Take decisions about scaling products, sales campaigns or killing them based on metrics you see.
  • FIND Transactions in 1-SECOND, no more waiting or not finding results.
  • Perfect for Ecommerce Store Vendors to track sales.
  • Optimize your funnels and product offers based on DATA and not guesswork.
  • Find the right pricing to maximize profits & returns.
  • Membership Sites can track lifetime value of customers and see drop rate of members, run campaigns at the right time to reduce churn.
  • Maximize ROI by taking decisions based on intelligent data (like Fortune 500 companies do)

Customer Reviews are IN – Here’s What They Say…...

With the POWER of PayDrill by your Side...

  • Your Accounting Woes will finally be over Get instantly CLARITY of your accounts.
  • You will be able to access your transactions & sales SUPER FAST!
  • You will be able to SEE METRICS you never saw before about your business
  • You will MAKE MORE MONEY by taking action on the data you get from PayDrill.
  • Your competitors will have NO IDEA how you are beating them using DATA.
  • Your ad campaigns will be MORE Profitable by using PayDrill's intelligence.
  • You will FINALLY know the key metrics about your business that'll take you to the NEXT LEVEL.

Exclusive Bonuses From PayDrill

But that's not all. You also get this PREMIUM BONUS with PayDrill


Whitelabel Rights to WP BotBlocker Plugin

Yes you will get Complete Whitelabel rights to this WP Security plugin and you can sell this as your own and start generating sales for yourself.

Selling a product is the absolutely best way to start making money online and with this you will get...

  • Complete Software Package
  • Software Source Code
  • Done for You Sales Page
  • eCovers and Graphics
  • Sales Video etc all included

They sold 300 copies few months back with just ONE email and made over $8000 just from their subscribers. This will get your brand new software business started in just a few minutes.


So What Are You Waiting For?

The ULTIMATE Software for PayPal is here!

And you need to GET YOUR COPY TODAY…

This is the BEST software you’ll purchase for Paypal because it will show you things about your business you’ve never seen before.



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