Abu Abdu al Ansari (Rahimahullah)


History will always repeats itself. There will come Muhajireen who would make hijrah for the sake of Allah like companions of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam. And there will be Ansareen like that's of the companions in Madina. 


Today Abu Abdu Ansari got martyred during the attack by Russians on Mara'th Nouman. 


He Rahimahullah was someone who was on wanted list of Bashar. He was a mujahid who got injured with a bullet into his throat. After months of being hospitalized he came back.


Since then he has been continuously helping out the Muhajireen that came from different parts of the world to help the on going Jihad. Especially he was a close companion of the Maldivian Mujahideen. His love for Muhajireen can't be expressed in words. It's seen when he weeps when a Muhajir attains martyrdom. His worries for them and his continuous helping hand given to them. He is known to be someone who spends from his wealth and time to aiding the Jihad and the Muhajireen.Words won't do justice in describing this man's goodness, generousity, and his patience. He had prepared many of the Muhajireen's grave for them to be buried after being martyred.


It was said of him, during the time of Bashar when religion was hindered he taught his household memebers the basics of Islam and about the hijab of women.


When he was a man who could sit with his wealth and excuse of injury, he had recently started to drive the ambulance in order to help the civilians. 


Today when the Russians attacked a heavily populated area of Mara'th Nouman hitting on the civilian homes he went in his ambulance to help them. And then Russians attacked the same position again, Abu Abdu Rahimahullah was martyred.


A longing he had for long, and Allah subhanahu watta alaa took his soul while he was helping the people.


May Allah accept of his good deeds and forgive him. May Allah grant him Jannatul Firdawus with the Prophet, his companions and siddiqeen and shuhadha. Ameen.

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