why I don't use linux, coming from a 90s guy.

laptop hassle:
- for graphics performance, you would need to install proprietary nvidia graphics drivers as opposed to your open source drivers
- ever want to set a brightness and control it with your hotkey(e.g fn + f7) ? well you would be able to set it but at the next reboot, the next thing you know is that your brightness resets to default or 100% brightness, which you would need to edit a file somewhere/
solution: https://askubuntu.com/questions/151651/brightness-is-reset-to-maximum-on-every-restart
disadvantage on linux: you have to define a definite brightness you want, like 50%.
advantage on windows : windows automatically saves your last brightness you set, and keeps it at what you set whever you reboot.
- ever used windows and with modern intel processor? well we have intel turbo boost. windows's power options has options by default have 3 profile, balanced, power saver, high performance. however each of them can be tweaked to have the maximum processor state below 100% to prevent turbo boost. in linux? always at 100% and have your laptop overheat. https://www.quora.com/Why-do-Laptops-overheat-when-running-linux
- ever boot up in linux and suddenly you get freaking maximum loudness login sound? yes, that is your volume resetting to default/100% loudness. It also has a low-quality sounding compared to windows. Don't know why, sometimes the audio lags and crackles a little, and it really sound low-quality as compared to whichever software 'hacks' windows used or not.
- dual graphics card? it is not supported out of the box.

No doubt if you bought a computer, it will definitely come compatible with windows, all manufacturers will indeed and definitely make drivers for windows because of the market share and windows is commonly used. however, I got a SMC wbr14-g's usb dongle that doesn't have any wifi drivers that work out of the box, it requires linux non-free drivers aka proprietary drivers and in order to get that to work, I need to first tether my internet connection through my android to my desktop and then download the non-free drivers and then it would work with my wireless usb dongle.

While there are steam platform for linux, not all games support linux :) at least 1/4 of my steam games doesn't show up in my steam library when I ran steam on linux. only popular games with devs that decided to port windows games to linux have it listed. That meant you can't enjoy all your games. Games like maplestory, wolfteam, rakion, gunbound or any other games that have anti-cheat/hack protection like gameguard, hackshield, black cipher sadly don't run well with linux. The game won't start because the anticheat hooks itself to the kernel, preventing cheats. Cheat engine has kernel hook, which enables the cheater to cheat undetected and that is why anti-hacks themself hooks to the kernel to prevent cheat. Sadly, in linux/wine, you can't have the anticheat to hook to kernel and therefore when the anticheat can't be started, the game can't too. Lots of limitation right there. Even blizzard, company behind WoW, diablo 3, starcraft has banned linux users running as wine because their anti-hack detects them as cheaters. There goes your modern game, some lot of you play some rigidly old games which doesn't have these limitations, but most of them aren't even online mmo and you definitely can't enjoy interacting with others as much because you are locked down to single player games, or lan games. Do you want to tell me about vulkan? oh yeah, windows can enjoy them too, even at better performance. https://youtu.be/745EniFdvWo This meaning to say, yes there are games for linux but those popular games existing now would rather not switch to vulkan, sticks with directx and there goes your vulkan opportunity. you just can't play those games on linux.

If you been to school, they actually offer microsoft products like microsoft office for free. Even the windows OS comes free if you bought it, free as in you already paid for it included in the laptop/desktop price. If you delete the whole partition of windows completely, you might as well just mention you wasted your $100~$200 right there :) Smart people would dual-boot it instead of removing the whole partition. So in a way, your software are somewhat already free. I don't find the open source thing that great, I mean its great but from what I researched and learnt, paid developers are more motivated, they are definitely talented and developers wants $ for their work. those that contributes to open source, some might be talented, but how often do you get the talent on linux side? perhaps seldomly or rarely. http://www.computerweekly.com/blog/Open-Source-Insider/Linux-Foundation-75-of-kernel-development-done-by-paid-developers plus side of using windows? you get to choose. the freedom to choose between (e.g oracle's java or openjdk's) or even both. yes, open source is a plus and we can use both proprietary and open source's. you mostly get your support from IRC chat, not that they are bad but there are some bad community out there, you may or may not get a solution. Most solutions offered requires exquisite use of linux commands which you may not even know what they do.

Other experience which I find makes sense, open source software aside, you may say linux is open source, no backdoor, but how many of you can actually read the linux code, read and edit it truly to your liking apart from desktop customization like the linux kernel itself and contribute something useful back to the community?

while you may argue linux may be good for running servers, or perhaps super computers use them, the sad truth is 90% of us out there who uses linux don't own a super computer, let alone a decent computer. if you are running a server, i would let it run at 100% no doubt.
I use my pc for gaming, only windows can provide this type of ease and compatibility.

for those who love console/terminal:
do you actually browse to a website completely without gui, able to accept the terms and conditions and then as well as accept cookies or even do human verifications like reCaptcha in order to get the download link, then wget it? This alone makes it hard.

Here on I'm just gonna copy paste some stuff I found relevant and makes sense.

Developers need money to eat, and with a few notable exceptions, Linux and Linux software doesn’t provide it. With their money and will, Microsoft had about 1000 highly skilled developers working full-time on Windows 7. These developers worked as a cohesive, managed unit all working towards the same goal, and produced a great product in a short period.

Linux, on the other hand, is a mixture of code, some of it 20+ years old, from millions of developers of varying talent, working on whatever the hell they feel like. Now don’t get me wrong. That a powerful and functional operating system is the result of this chaos is fantastic and awe-inspiring.

But, it kind of sucks. It means Linux is always on shaky ground. There are never enough talented developers working together on enough of the operating system. And when something does gain significant progress and momentum, it often fragments into multiple projects all doing exactly the same thing (see reason #4) because there is no unifying vision or management.

Probably the most professional, well-organized, and best part of Linux, it’s kernel, is heavily invested in by companies like Red Hat, Intel, and IBM. And subsequently, most of the kernel is written by developers paid to do it.

- Here's a full quote by Torvalds himself: "So I personally consider security bugs to be just "normal bugs". I don't cover them up, but I also don't have any reason what-so-ever to think it's a good idea to track them and announce them as something special."

Year 2014 was the most damning in regard to Linux security: critical remotely exploitable vulnerabilities were found in many basic Open Source projects, like bash (shellshock), OpenSSL (heartbleed), kernel and others. So much for "everyone can read the code thus it's invulnerable". In the beginning of 2015 a new critical remotely exploitable vulnerability was found, called GHOST.

Year 2015 welcomed us with 134 vulnerabilities in one package alone: WebKitGTK+ WSA-2015-0002. I'm not implying that Linux is worse than Windows/MacOS proprietary/closed software - I'm just saying that the mantra that open source is more secure by definition because everyone can read the code is apparently totally wrong.

- Neither Adobe Flash, nor Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome use video decoding and output acceleration in Linux, thus youtube clips will drain your laptop battery a lot faster than e.g. in Windows.

from https://itvision.altervista.org/why.linux.is.not.ready.for.the.desktop.current.html

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