Roberto (Roy) Romaindo Dox ~ Zycl0n3

Reason - Roberto is a disgrace to Anon, as he likes to Cyber
Bully, Threaten, and Hack other Anons. See pictures proof.
Also we have it on good Authority that he is a Fed as we have
been told this by many, long term Anons who've admitted to
having to block him due to Harassment.He is a "Blacl Hat"
hacker which means he doesn't hack for ethical reasons but
for Malicious reasons, and even runs a group teaching others
Malicious hacking techniques. He goes by other sock accounts
too. He also is in the Group with Rebekah Legion, Vlad,
Anna-Maria Sanchez, Ana-Maria Sanchez ... Etc. As far as
Rebekah Legion goes she and a Sebastian Dante Alexander aka
Michael Errington, have tried to extort Money from Pedophiles
for Drug Money. Those pictures will be listed too.

Name (alias I bet)
Roberto "Roy" Romaindo

Possibly, N.Y., N.Y. (I wonder what is so high up there lulz)

F.B. Profile

Close Associates

Next two are obviously same person (Possible another Fed
I've heard strongly)

This nest person is a alternate account of Roberto's

Random Intel

Groups (reqally the most significant)

Pictures are more worth than a thousand words.



*Rebekah Legions FULL Dox



Below are Evidence of him Hacking a fellow Anon.






Rebekah Joanne Legion's B.S. 








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