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**** SAMPLE DB2 9 Application Developer 2021 Dumps ****

                 Answer: C
                 QUESTION: 130
                 A solution is needed to process a large amount of inventory table data on the database server
                 during a nightly batch cycle. The required logic is simple, consists of four SQL   statements, and
                 must be included in a master program.  The key requirement is the best possible performance.
                 What is the most appropriate solution to achieve this goal?
                 A.    Scalar UDF
                 B.   Java procedure
                 C.    Table function
                 D.    Compound SQL statement
                 Answer: D
                 QUESTION: 131
                 Which of the following applies to nickname usage?
                 A.    Nicknames cannot be created for views.
                 B.   An MQT definition   cannot contain nicknames.
                 C.    Nicknames cannot be specified in    SQL/XML statements embedded in static SQL.
                 D.    For each nickname referenced in a query, the authorization ID of the statement must have at
                 least CONTROL    authorization.
                 Answer: C
                 QUESTION: 132
                 Given the following table:
                 EMPNO   NAME   DEPTNO  SALARY
                 =====      ====      ======      ======
                 0010        JOSH     D95            30000
                 0020        JENNA   D98          25000
                 0030        DYLAN  D95         10000
                 0040        TRACY    D90       33000 and the following trigger definition: CREATE TRIGGER
                 track_chgs AFTER UPDATE ON emp
                 BEGIN ATOMIC
                    INSERT INTO changes
                         SELECT empno, current timestamp FROM ntable;   END;
                 After executing the following SQL statements:
                 UPDATE emp SET deptno = 'D98' WHERE  deptno = 'D95'; INSERT INTO emp
                 VALUES('0050', 'KEN', 'D90', 35000); UPDATE emp SET salary=salary - 500 WHERE salary
                 > 35000; UPDATE emp SET salary=salary + 1000 WHERE salary <= 25000;
                 What value will be returned by this query?
                 SELECT count(*) FROM changes
                 A.         2
                 B.        3
                 C.       4
                 D.         5
                 Answer: C
                 QUESTION: 133
                 After executing the following SQL statements:
                 CREATE TABLE tab1 (
                 col1 INT NOT NULL,
                 col2 CHAR(1), PRIMARY KEY(col1));
                 CREATE TABLE tab2 (
                 col1 INT ,
                 col2 CHAR(1),
                 FOREIGN KEY (col1) REFERENCES tab1(col1)        ON DELETE CASCADE
                 ON UPDATE NO ACTION );           INSERT INTO tab1 VALUES(1, 'A');  INSERT INTO tab1
                 VALUES(2, 'B');   INSERT INTO tab2 VALUES(3, 'A'); INSERT INTO tab2 VALUES(2, 'B');
                 UPDATE tab1 SET col1 = col1 + 1;
                 DELETE FROM tab1 WHERE col2 = 'B';
                 What values will be returned by the following SQL statement?  SELECT col1, col2 FROM tab2
                 A.       COL1 COL2
                          ==       ==
                          2         'A'
                 B.        COL1 COL2
                        ==       ==
                 C.       COL1 COL2
                          ==       ==
                         3         'A'
                 D.       COL1 COL2
                         ==       ==
                         3         'A'
                 Answer: B
                 QUESTION: 134
                 Three applications A, B, and C run concurrently and access the same table on a database server.
                 Application A inserts new data to the table. Applications B and C, among other processes, issue
                 two different queries against the table multiple times within their respective Units of Work
                 (UOW). Application A always receives an identical set of results from its query within the
                 UOW, however, almost every result set returned   by a query to the application B within the UOW
                 is different.  This is unacceptable and must be resolved.  What would be the most efficient
                 method ensuring that data   is read/reread with full consistency in application B?
                 A.   Bind the application B with isolation level RR.
                 B.   Bind the application B with isolation level RS.
                 C.   Include the WITH RR clause in the query select statement of the application B
                 D.    Have the application B issue a share for read lock on the table for the duration of the query.
                 Answer: C
                 QUESTION: 135
                 Which of the following trigger definitions will ensure that the city column, EMP_CITY, in the
                 EMP table always contains a string value with all upper-case characters when new rows are
                 A.    CREATE TRIGGER upper_case_city BEFORE INSERT ON emp REFERENCING NEW
                 AS     n    FOR     EACH      ROW       MODE       DB2SQL       BEGIN      ATOMIC       SET
                 n.emp_city=UPPER(n.emp_city); END
                 B.   CREATE TRIGGER upper_case_city BEFORE INSERT ON emp REFERENCING
                 n.emp_city=UPPER(n.emp_city); END
                 C.    CREATE TRIGGER upper_case_city BEFORE INSERT ON emp REFERENCING NEW
                 VALUES(n.emp_id, n.emp_name, n.emp_address, UPPER(n.emp_city)); END;
                 D.    CREATE TRIGGER upper_case_city INSTEAD OF INSERT ON emp REFERENCING
                 NEW AS n FOR EACH ROW MODE DB2SQL              BEGIN ATOMIC INSERT INTO emp
                 VALUES(n.emp_id, n.emp_name, n.emp_address, UPPER(n.emp_city)); END
                 Answer: A
                 QUESTION: 136
                 Given the code:
                 try {
                           conn = DriverManager.getConnection(url, user, pwd);
                       . . .
                 The conn variable represents an instance of which of the following classes?
                 A.    Connection
                 B.   DriverManager
                 C.   DB2Connection
                 D.    JavaConnection
                 Answer: A
                 QUESTION: 137
                 Given the following code:
                 public static void javastp( int inparm,
                                                          int[] outparm,
                                                          ResultSet[] rs
                                  throws SQLException
                    Connection con;
                     // fill in connection code
                     PreparedStatement stmt = null;
                     String sql = "SELECT value FROM table01 WHERE index = ?";
                     //Prepare the query with the value of index
                     stmt = con.prepareStatement( sql );
                     stmt.setInt( 1, inparm );
                   //Execute query and set output parm
                     rs[0] = stmt.executeQuery();
                     outparm[0] = inparm + 1;
                    //Close open resources
                    if (stmt != null) stmt.close();
                    if (con != null) con.close();
                 Which of the following statements would correctly initialize the variable con?
                 A.    con = DriverManager.getConnection( "jdbc:default" );
                 B.    con = DriverManager.getConnection( "jdbc:connection" );
                 C.    con = DriverManager.getConnection( "default:connection" );
                 D.    con = DriverManager.getConnection( "jdbc:default:connection" );
                 Answer: D
                 QUESTION: 138
                 Given the following EMPLOYEE table:
                 EMPNO     FIRSTNAME      LASTNAME
                 -------        ----------             ------------
                 000010     CHRISTINE     HAAS
                 000020     MICHAEL        THOMPSON
                 000030     SALLY             KWAN
                 000050     JOHN              GEYER
                 000060     IRVING       STERN
                 If the following Java pseudo code is executed in the sequence shown below:
                 Class.forName("com.ibm.db2.jcc.DB2Driver"); Connection conn =
                    DriverManager.getConnection("jdbc:db2://mydb2:50000/sample",     "db2user",     "db2pwd");
                 String stmt = "SELECT * FROM employee ORDER BY empno";
                 PreparedStatement ps = conn.prepareStatement(stmt); ResultSet rs = ps.executeQuery();
                 What is the result of the afterLast() method call?
                 A.    A SQLWarning is thrown.
                 B.   An SQLException is thrown.
                 C.    The cursor is positioned after the end of the resultset.
                 D.    The cursor is positioned before the beginning of the resultset.
                 Answer: B
                 QUESTION: 139
                 A developer uses DB2 Add-Ins for Eclipse and the DB2 Universal JDBC driver to write an
                 application that accesses DB2 for z/OS and DB2 for i5/OS. The New Database Connection
                 wizard returns the following error message when the database connection is attempted:
                 "Problems encountered while trying to establish connection xyz. Reason: 'No license present.'"
                 What is the most likely reason for this error?
                 A.    The COM.ibm.db2.jcc.license class was not included in the project.
                 B.   The user profile specified is not recognized by the target database.
                 C.    The db2jcc_license_cisuz.jar file is not specified in the Java classpath.
                 D.   The current user does not have the license   required to log into the server operating system.
                 Answer: C
                 QUESTION: 140
                 Given the following Java code snippet:
                 Connection con; PreparedStatement pstmt;   int numUpd;
                 Which of the following illustrates the proper use of parameter markers?
                 A.         UPDATE      ?   SET    PHONENO        =   "55555"    WHERE      EMPNO       =   ?
                 pstmt.setString(1,"EMPLOYEE"); pstmt.setString(2,"000010");
                 B.      UPDATE ? SET PHONENO  = ?  WHERE EMPNO = EMPLOYEE
                 pstmt.setString(1,"EMPLOYEE"); pstmt.setString(2,"4567");
                 C.     pstmt = con.prepareStatement("UPDATE EMPLOYEE SET PHONENO = ? WHERE
                 EMPNO = ?");   pstmt.setString(1,"4657"); pstmt.setString(2,"000010");
                 D.    pstmt = con.prepareStatement("UPDATE ? SET PHONENO = "5555" WHERE EMPNO
                 = ?");   pstmt.setString(1,"EMPLOYEE"); pstmt.setString(2,"000010");
                 Answer: C



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