World Premiere in Japan:
SpermaUeberReste feat. nicomedy2010
- I need (only) money for Porn

Stop all post9/11 anti-sexOps! Watch SpermaUeberReste -  "I need (only) money for Porn" @
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....thames13.1noise prod. proudly pres., in a world premiere at, a collaboration of SpermaUeberReste (incl. Josh+Josh) introducing "The special Nico AKA - Free Max Hardcore (Buju Banton club Mix)" feat. the bionic woman house, PeggyCarter, jungermann and a re-video edit of "I need (only) money for Porn [Weiss-SS-MANN'TON-I''Mix ;]

dicated to 'real friends' with an usual very special thx to mellebelle ;

more notes or un-notes at

...merry rotten xmas trees for dumbfuks, ignorants, slowheads, OrwellianTruthlings and NoPlanerCultists ;

"...they can't read your thoughts, they can't censor your feelings and they can't kill your soul! -. , December 2009, spinning Bill Withers - Use me ;

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