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   With any luck Spring will have sprung for our Patti Rothberg event at the end of the month!  I included Patti's official press release at the bottom of this, check it out it's well worth the read.  The George Harrison Beatle Bash last month was a blast, as usual.  So many fine musicians out there, we are eternally grateful to all of you for sharing your talents & helping make this world a more beautiful place.
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Saturday events run from 8-11pm with a $5 suggested donation
~*Sat.March 29th*~
The Art & Music of Patti Rothberg
$15 includes a CD or $10 without, for this event
Join us for an awesome, intimate evening with an acoustical performance surrounded by her visual art.  Both original & reproductions will be available for purchase.
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Beltane Festival
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Rosendale Street Festival
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  Patti Rothberg’s recording career goes back to 1996, with her debut on EMI Records, 'Between the 1 and the 9', which refers to the time she spent performing in New York City's 14th Street subway station. The title track relates some of her experiences, when EMI executive discovered Patti performing there. Seemingly overnight, Patti Rothberg achieved the kind of worldwide success one could only dream of. Critically acclaimed, Between the 1 and the 9 was an instant hit, and remains a timeless classic. The success of Between the 1 and the 9 had Patti touring quite non-stop from 1996 through 1997, and into 1998. She toured the USA supporting the Wallflowers, Chris Isaak, Midnight Oil, and Garbage, and she toured Europe supporting the Black Crowes. Patti and her band performed on Late Night with David Letterman, The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, and she appeared on the Oprah Winfrey Show.
  While Patti promoted the record on the road, the song "Inside" reached #25 on Billboard in America, while in Europe, the song "Treat Me Like Dirt" went all the way to #1. A cover of "Kung Fu Fighting" was featured in the 1997 release of Beverly Hills Ninja, and her song "Forgive Me" was featured in the 1998 film The Misadventures of Margaret.
  Taking some time from the road, Patti followed her success with the release of Candelabra Cadabra (Cropduster 2002) and Double Standards (Megaforce 2008). This was an intense writing period for Patti, and she found herself working with vocalist Andre Blacksugar, contributing songs and vocals to his Black Sugar Transmission record titled Use It, released in 2009.
  Overnight Sensation is the title of Patti’s 2011 release, and forth album, reuniting her for the first time with Between the 1 and the 9 producer, Dave Greenberg, the product of their reunion yielding a pop powerhouse. It was Rothberg's beautifully emotive voice, and brilliant songwriting, coupled with Greenberg's melodic pop sensibility and production, that were the backbone of this magical recording, reminiscent of the undeniably infectious melodies and intelligent lyrics that first put Patti on the charts in 1996.
  Rothberg's 2013 release, and fifth studio album, 'Black Widow', explores moody and melodic, piano based acoustic pop, and signature guitar rock, marking a first time collaboration with producer, Lyle Puente, generating this unique, seamless brand of music.
  Currently, Patti performs solo and duo acoustic, and rock trio, Wet Paint.
Additional recordings are in the works and slated for a 2014 release.
She has just written her first book, a photo/painting essay extravaganza. As always, Patti commissions her artwork, caricatures and paintings.
'Black Widow'  Patti Rothberg 
Genre: Pop Rock, Release Date: Dec. 2013
  Explore the moody, melodic, piano based acoustic pop, and the signature guitar rock of Patti RothbergNYC Busker turned Chartbuster Patti Rothberg is known for her turn of phrase wit and tuneful hit "Inside" (charted top 25 in US) She has wowed audiences both solo acoustic and with electrifying bands for almost 2 decades. She is delighted to release Black Widow, her 5th studio album on which she returns to her first instrument, piano, as a basis for these new haunting pieces of her heart and mind. Lyrical, synchronistic, timeless and singable: what was I saying? Ah yes..unforgettable!
  Black Widow is a "Lower West Side Story" about a starstruck girl who fell for a rebellious rock n roll bass player she admired for years from afar and always hoped to day. The entire tragic tale is in the lyrics..
  Somehow he appeared one night, an apparition from the shadows of the now defunct club, Don Hills. He came running up and said "I don't care about the music business, I only care about saving cats!! He expressed a romantic interest too, but it seemed too random, too dreamlike, too good to be true to respond in that moment. 
  That weekend she plotted to get his attention and hold it when he appeared on Facebook with his wild, sweet personality. It was Late September, 2011 when their online flirtation caused her to officially look forward to his messages. 
  Unfortunately on October 4, a message came into her box but not one she could possibly fathom. Instead she read that he (Steve Mach) had been fatally wounded in Baltimore by a policeman when he was playing with a toy gun!? I was so stunned! Of all the people to take from this earth..MY crush, and NOW..when he finally noticed me!? I took a blue candle and placed it on the floor, grabbed my guitar and asked Steve to help co-write a song about this with me. And he did. This is that song. I firmly believe that we co-wrote it together. 
  All the proceeds of this single will go straight to Steve's favorite cat charity, BARCS in Baltimore. I believe this is what he would have wanted me to do. R.I.P Steve Mach, my "Perfect Stranger"
  Patti Rothberg (Songwriter, musician, artist) met Lyle Puente (omni-talented producer) in February of 2011. They each had an across the board flair for the arts. Their future CD was briefly threatened when on the phone Lyle told Patti he was hanging guitars from trees, which scared her!~ They got to talking about each of their past bands and albums, They discussed Lyle's vast interest in reptiles (he is a world renowned herpetologist with a million selling book about gecko's.) puppetry, landscaping and a career in visual arts (a student of Pratt, Patti, Parsons), His elegant spiderweb pen and ink drawings grace this CD. It was revealed soon that Lyle had a complete recording studio in his basement with old vintage gear and before long the two artists were in their playground. Many of the tracks have a mournful tone which prophetically match the title track, Black Widow. It was written October 4th of that same year in tribute to Steve Mach, musician/cat rescuer. Only 2 weeks before his untimely death, Steve and Patti were getting to know her. The timing was all so strange. The story keeps unfolding much like a web, and the main difference in style is due to the overall use of piano, which Patti had learned classically since age 3 an abandoned it for guitar at age 12. So many emotions went through this album's creation including the joy of melding like- minds, sorrow and loss, and a regained love of piano, and creating music in a new way.
  In some ways, Patti likens Black Widow to Between the One and the Nine because there were no preconceived notions about how it had to be. The tracks vary in style, and it was just me and Lyle making the music unsupervised! It's like a first album all over again!

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