Howdy Folks,

  We had another fun night of folks offering up numerous renditions of Glen Frey/Eagles tunes, thanks to everyone who helped make it a success.

  It was very disappointing to have to succumb to the dire weather warnings & cancel our, UCIAF Sunday Pasta fundraiser at Uncle Willy's.  Thankfully, we've rescheduled it for this month on Sunday, Apr. 24th, I hope you can join us.  Come May, the Red Hot Mamas revival, is a tribute to our old friend Betty MacDonald who hosted many of these events in the past.  This years show has shaped up nicely with Meg Montgomery, Marji Zintz & Denise Jordan Finley onboard.  In June, in honor of Fathers Day, we'll see how many Father & Child combos we can pull together, stay tuned.

    Sat. Apr. 9th, 5-9pm: Pot Luck Primary rally to Get Out the Vote.  A family friendly event with my favorite local political satirist, activist, singer, songwriter Tim Hunter.  Bring some food & drink to share.  There'll be open mic opportunities for an evening of inspirational songs on politics, protest & enlightenment.

  Sat. Apr. 16th, 6-9pm: Thrilled to announce the next generation of jazz artists in the Hudson Valley coming to AIR.  Three dynamic groups brought together by Eli's bandmate Dan Davis will include; HMS Trio, Dialogue & The Concrete Factory

  Sun. Apr. 24th, 4-7pm: I've gotten together with my pisano's at the Ulster County Italian American Foundation to host a fundraiser at Uncle Willy's for this years Italian Festival down on the Strand .  I've gotten together with Frank Faluotico of Hobby Chefs to put out a spaghetti, salad & garlic bread dinner  veggie sauce, including gluten free for $14.95.  You could really help me out with trying to get a head count going by RSVP'ing to me via a FB message, email or call the studio phone: 331-2662.

  Sat. May 14th, 8-11pm: Red Hot Mamas Revival, I have many fond memories of Betty MacDonald hosting these events, usually around Mothers Day.  Getting 3 great ladies together was always our goal & this night will be no exception.  Save this date for a unique collaboration between Meg Montgomery, Marji Zintz & Denise Jordan Finley.

  The RSF music committee is working on several fundraising events at some alternate sites over the summer so watch for future announcements, hope to see ya all soon. 

  Peace & Love prevails~*jbo:)>

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~* Star Nation Sacred CircleA positive, not for skeptics, discussion group for experiencers of the paranormal.  Open to all dreamers, contactees, abductees, ET Ambassadors & those interested in acknowledging the extraterrestrial presence on earth.  We meet every 1st Friday, at the Center for Symbolic Studies, 475 River Rd. Ext., Tillson, NY (  Bring a drink, snack to share & a comfortable lawn chair to sit under the stars afterwards for a UFO watch. 

   ~* "In the Night Sky" Linda Zimmermans' UFO book & documentary gave Star Nations some honorable mentions in both, check it out at:

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Check out our YouTube account!  We've got over 70 performances posted now with some really memorable shows including Betty MacDonald with Joe Beck, Ed Sanders, Bobby Kennedy & his daughters, The Wallaces, Cecilia St. King, Pete Santora Beatle Bashes & many of the Hudson Valleys finest musicians:


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