Howdy Folks,

  Pete & Tom had such a blast playing together here in December, that Tom was more than happy to come back for our annual Harrison B'day Bash this month.  It's gonna be another night of phenomenal music, don't miss it!  Hope you caught this video I posted on Facebook from the last show:


  We are making plans to pick up 2nd Saturdays at AIR once again.  This year, in addition to our annual Harrison & Lennon B'day Beatle Bashes in Feb & Oct, I'm working with Steve Raleigh to revive our "Red Hot Mamas" show this May & bring in more jazz & that will include Eli's band Dialogue:


  Bobby & I are kicking around several ideas including a Glen Frey Tribute in March.  We'll be adding several new shows this year & won't be shying away from political activities in this election cycle.  Please feel free to contact me with your proposals.  Hard to believe no Rosendale Street Fest or Hudson River Revival this year, what's up with that!?  You can be sure those of us on the RSF music committee will be working on several fundraising events at some alternate sites over the summer, one way or another.

  After my trip to Italy I had to come back & take an active role in the Ulster County Italian American Foundation. We've started planning for this years downtown Italian Fest, so check out the new website:


  Many of you enjoyed my Arezzo Wedding Adventure link in December, well Jiro & Alice released their wedding pics!  What an awesome collection that had me waxing nostalgic for a return to Tuscany.


  To my fellow Space Cadets, I look forward to another 1st Friday with ya all!

   Keep lookin' up, Peace & Love Prevails~*jbo:)>




~*Sat.Feb.13th: 8pm*~

$10pp, includes coffee, tea & munchies


George Harrison Birthday Tribute

With our favorite Beatle freaks Pete Santora & Tom "Lennon" Raider. Pete & Tom will go at it for 2 sets. We'll have several guest artists in the house to join in for another evening of All Beatles~All Night!

Tom "Lennon" Raider



~*Star Nation Sacred Circle, A positive, not for skeptics, discussion group for experiencers of the paranormal.  Open to all dreamers, contactees, abductees, ET Ambassadors & those interested in acknowledging the extraterrestrial presence on earth.  We meet every 1st Friday, at the Center for Symbolic Studies, 475 River Rd. Ext, Tillson, NY (  Bring a drink, snack to share & a comfortable lawn chair to sit under the stars afterwards for a UFO watch. 

~* "In the Night Sky" Linda Zimmermans' UFO book & documentary gave Star Nations some honorable mentions in both, check it out at:

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Check out our YouTube account!  We've got over 70 performances posted now with some really memorable shows including Betty MacDonald with Joe Beck, Ed Sanders, Bobby Kennedy & his daughters, The Wallaces, Cecilia St. King, Pete Santora Beatle Bashes & many of the Hudson Valleys finest musicians:


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