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Howdy Folks,
  The Boice Bothers Block party was huge success on 8/23 & we're hoping it'll turn into an annual event.  Eli got to play with 3 of the 4 bands who performed, so that was really nice for us. Thanks to my bro-in-laws Jerome Cimino & Gerry Silverman, along with Bobby Kennedy, Bruce Sconzo, Buddy Wallace, the Knights of Rock & Ol' Double E for an afternoon of great music.
  September we kept under the radar.  I took advantage of a last minute opportunity to throw a big surprise 60th B'day party for Nina, on her b'day, at Uncle Willy's Friday Night Blues Bash, in uptown Kingston. With Jerome, Gerry & our son Eli on the drums, for one hell of a party.
  This month I'll be doing our 1st Friday Star Nations gathering on 10/3, see below.  The Annual B+ John Lennon B'day Beatle Bash with Pete Santora is on for 10/11 & you can be sure it's gonna be a blast, as some awesome musicians have been looking forward to this years event. My old friend Raphael Garritano has been at the fore front of many interesting bands with many eclectic influences from around the world over the years. These days he's been a major player in the band Passero with a lovely blend of latin, jazz & much more. So when Raphael approached me with putting together an intimate evening of music to record & video tape, I was more than happy to say, yes!
  Keep Lookin' Up! Peace & Love Prevails:)><3~*jimbo
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~*Sat.Oct.11th: 8pm*~
Annual John Lennon B'day Beatle Bash with Pete Santora
~*Sat.Oct.18th: 8pm*~
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Check out our YouTube account! We've got over 70 performances posted now with some really memorable shows including Betty MacDonald with Joe Beck, Ed Sanders, Bobby Kennedy & his daughters, The Wallaces, Cecilia St. King, Pete Santora Beatle Bashes & many of the Hudson Valleys finest musicians:

~* 1st Fridays: Star Nation Sacred Circle, meets each month in Tillson, from 7-9pm. A positive, not for skeptics, discussion group for experiencers of the paranormal. Open to all dreamers, contactees, abductees, ET Ambassadors & those interested in acknowledging the extraterrestrial presence on earth. We meet at the Center for Symbolic Studies , 475 River Rd. Ext., Tillson, NY ( www.SymbolicStudies.org ). Bring a drink, snack to share & a comfortable lawn chair to sit under the stars afterwards for a UFO watch.
~*"In the Night Sky" Linda Zimmermans' UFO book & documentary gave Star Nations some honorable mentions in both, check it out at: www.NightSkyUfo.com
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